TorcUP Med offers repair, maintenance and calibration services of hydraulic torque wrenches and pneumatic torque wrenches made by our highly trained staff at our facility in Milan (Italy). Calibrations of hydraulic torque wrenches are carried out on our static torque test benches with transducers up to 100.000Nm (75.000ft/lbs), while those of pneumatic continuous rotation torque wrenches are carried out on our test bench with torque and angle measure up to 40.000Nm (30.000ft/lbs).

TorcUP Med also has a rental fleet of hydraulic torque wrenches TU ULTRA series with square drive and low profile hydraulic torque wrenches TX series. In our fleet, you will find hydraulic wrenches with square drive from 3/4” to 1”1/2 and torque from 173 to 15.000Nm and one low profile hydraulic wrench with 60mm – 2”3/8 ratchet link with torque from 530 to 5.300Nm.

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Calibration Service

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Torque Wrenches up to 100.000Nm - 75.000ft/bls

Torque / Angle Bench up to 40.000Nm - 30.000ft/lbs

Accredia traceability





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Rental Service

Available models in our rental fleet:

TU-2 (Square Drive: 3/4" - Torque Range: 173 - 1.730Nm / 170 - 1.700ft/lbs)

TU-3 (Square Drive: 1" - Torque Range: 450 - 4.500Nm / 450 - 4.500ft/lbs)

TU-7 (Square Drive: 1"1/2 - Torque Range: 1.000 - 10.000Nm / 1.000 - 10.000ft/lbs)

TU-11 (Square Drive: 1"1/2 - Torque Range: 1.500 - 15.000Nm / 1.500 - 15.000ft/lbs)

TX-4 (Max. Hexagon 60mm / 2"3/8 - Torque Range: 530 - 5.300Nm / 400 - 4.000ft/lbs)