TorcUP Med is the Mediterranean division of TorcUP Inc. USA, worldwide leader manufacturer of

Hydraulic Torque Wrenches and Hydraulic Power Packs.

Square Drive Hydraulic Wrenches

The TU ULTRA series and the SQ series hydraulic torque wrenches with square drive are the simplest and most reliable solution for every tightening problem.

Low Profile Hydraulic Wrenches

The TX series and the TXU series hydraulic torque wrenches with ratchet link are the best solution whenever there is limited access to the fastener due to the low clearance around and above the bolt or nut.

Torque Wrenches

The continuous rotation torque wrenches VOLTA and RAPTOR are the most versatile solution whenever high speed is required.

Hydraulic Pumps

TorcUP Med hydraulic pumps are essential to correctly operate TorcUP hydraulic torque wrenches. Double-acting with 700bar / 10.000psi max pressure (electric power or pneumatic)

Impact Sockets

Drive’s impact sockets are top quality products specifically designed for industrial applications. Made in Italy


Special products

Complementary products and special accessories for TorcUP hydraulic torque wrenches and continuous rotation torque wrenches. Hydraulic tensioners, hydraulic nut splitter and the whole reange of accessories..