TorcUP Complementary Products

Hydraulic Tensioners

The TorcUP complementary products include the Topside hydraulic tensioners THTB series, the Subsea hydraulic tensioners Compact-8 series and the wind industry specific tensioners WTB and WTF series (for metric ISO and imperial ANSI threads).

THTB Topside Series

Thread: from M20 to M100 and from 3/4″ to 4″
Load: from 228 to 2.648kN (22 – 265ton)
Maximum working pressure: 1.500bar (21.750psi)

Compact-8 Subsea Series

Thread: from M20 to M95 and from 3/4″ to 3″3/4
Load: from 190 to 4.060kN (19 – 414ton)
Maximum working pressure: 1.500bar (21.750psi)

WTB and WTF Wind Industry Specific Series

Thread: from M30 to M42
Load: from 465 to 930kN (47 – 95ton)
Maximum working pressure: 1.500bar (21.750psi)

TorcUP Accessories

In the TorcUP complementary product range you will also find the TBW and LTR series backup wrenches to be used with the hydraulic torque wrenches with square drive TU ULTRA / SQ series, with the low profile hydraulic torque wrenches TX / TXU series and with the continuous rotation torque wrenches VOLTA / RAPTOR.

Also available, TNS hydraulic nut splitter to quickly remove nuts from threaded fasteners.

Hydraulic Nut Splitter TNS

Metric sizes: from 12 to 76mm
Imperial sizes: from 1/2″ to 3″

TBW Backup Wrenches

Metric sizes: from 19 to 95mm
Imperial sizes: from 3/4″ to 3″1/2

LTR Backup Wrenches

Metric sizes: from 30 to 90mm
Imperial sizes: from 1″3/16 to 3″1/2

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