Hydraulic Torque Wrenches TU ULTRA Series

Hydraulic Torque Wrenches with Square Drive (from 3/4" to 2"1/2)

Square Drive3/4″1″1″1/21″1/21″1/22″1/22″1/22″1/2
Min Torque (Nm)1724477451.0031.4912.6303.6877.862
Max Torque (Nm)1.7224.5147.45710.03114.92527.96436.87278.625
Weight (kg)2,54,98,28,613,127,631,759,8
Height (mm)107135163182198234259292
Length 1 (mm)122163201225234240313391
Length 2 (mm)161214271294325409415518
Radius (mm)2533404552596379
Width 1 (mm)51677992100124134167
Width 2 (mm)7194118129138182192226
Width 3 (mm)112148178203222276295363



Tubo di reazione per serie TU

Extended reaction tube

Attach this reaction tube in place of the standard reaction arm when your reaction point is located further from the nut.


Protezione corpo chiave per serie TU

Housing reaction pad

The housing reaction pad provides a flat surface when reacting directly off the body of the tool.


Braccio di reazione lungo per serie TU

Solid long extension arm

Available for the models up to the TU-20, this solid reaction arm is 6” longer than the standard reaction arm of each tool, allowing for a further reaction point.


Braccio di reazione largo per serie TU

Wide reaction arm

When your reaction point does not hit firmly at the center of the standard arm, this arm provides a wider reaction plane. Only available for the TU-2 and TU-3.


frugola diretta per serie TU

Direct hex drive adaptor

Replace the square drive of your TU tool with this hex drive adaptor to drive socket head cap screws.


Cuffia di protezione per serie TU

End cap protector

This accessory provides protection for the end cap when operating the tool without the reaction arm.


Maniglia per Chiave Serie TU

Hydraulic tool handle

This ergonomically designed handle for TorcUP hydraulic tooling can be attached to the tool for safe operation.


chiavi di contrasto TBW

TBW Backup wrenches

The backup wrenches TBW series prevent the opposing nut from turning during the bolting process. They have an ergonomic handle and a quick removal device.


chiavi di contrasto LTR

LTR Backup wrenches

The backup wrenches LTR series prevent the opposing nut from turning during the bolting process. Mechanic removal through a screw.